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What is fire-stream?

fire-stream is an online portal hosting all current FPA training video material. Supporting materials, such as checklists, handbooks and quizzes, complement the video material. Videos can be streamed within monthly access or an annual subscription.

What can fire-stream be used for?

Watching the training videos through fire-stream can constitute induction or refresher training in fire safety or health and safety, or can form part of more comprehensive training sessions - be that group sessions, at a desktop or on the go using a mobile device. The video topics range from generic health and safety induction material to sector specific fire safety content. 

The content can be viewed directly through fire-stream or else via a URL link which you can place on your LMS, intranet or even within a PowerPoint presentation file.

What makes fire-stream different from other systems?


fire-stream pricing is transparent and is based on the approximate number of overall users in your department or organisation. You won't be charged additional costs for site licences, computer licences, credits or based on your geographic location.


You choose exactly which videos you want to view. You're not restricted to pre-selected bundles of content, some of which you might want, a lot of which you won't!


Within a subscription, streaming is unlimited so you don't need to worry about your credits running out, or being charged multiples for your multi-site organisation, and the videos can be viewed from any computer, tablet or smart phone with online access which makes this an ideal option for remote workers, too.

How can fire-stream save you time and money?

fire-stream is an extremely cost-effective means of rolling out induction and refresher training across your organisation, across multiple sites, and even countries, with little effort. Staff can view the videos in their own time if group sessions are impractical and resource-heavy, and purchasing multiple DVDs, sending DVDs round to various locations and having to replace damaged, lost or out-of-date DVDs becomes a thing of the past.

What's the story re IT requirements?

fire-stream plays on a range of media players across most devices including PCs, Macs, tablets and smart phones. You will need a good broadband connection to be able to stream the videos to a good standard. We recommend that you check with your IT department prior to purchase in order to check that there are no system or network restrictions in place that may hinder viewing the content.

For most subscriptions we will also need your IP address(es). This is because we offer you an option to play the videos you subscribe to from a URL link which you can place on your LMS, intranet or within a PowerPoint presentation. You can give us as many IP addresses as you use, to cover different sites or remote workers. 

How much will it cost me?

Annual subscriptions to single titles start at £165+VAT (£150+VAT to FPA members) but you will need to contact us and tell us how many overall users you have, and which titles you want access to, in order for us to provide a quote.

Monthly access to a single title starts at £150+VAT (£115+VAT to FPA members).